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How To Use Yoghurt To Get That Sparkling Skin

Yoghurt – The very word cools you down, especially in the warm summer months, when the heat is full on. It is yummy, thick and creamy. It is a virtual treasury of zinc, calcium, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, protein and yeast. The wonderful nutrients and minerals  protects your bones, fights off osteoporosis, battles cancer, cancer, diarrhoea, high blood pressure and yeast infection.

It bolsters digestion, immune function and weight control. Besides, yoghurt adds enzymes and oils to the skin, working as a natural moisturiser. It can also reduce pore size, improve overall skin texture, and give you that healthy glow. Let’s discover Yoghurt’s role in skin and hair care.

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Follow these tried-and-tested yoghurt usage tips, and you’ll glow!

– Got blemishes, acne? Slather yoghurt on your acne daily. The rich zinc content will help to clear your skin. Avoid the flavoured varieties and apply yoghurt only after you’ve removed all make-up.

– To stop pimples in their tracks, mix some brewer’s yeast with plain yoghurt and apply it on your face. Let it sit a few minutes, and then wipe clean.

– Itchy scalp? Apply some yoghurt on your head, wrap your hair in a towel and then rinse after 15 minutes. The yoghurt will chase away dandruff, too!

– Your hands and nails can also benefit from yoghurt. Simply combine half a cup of plain yoghurt with the juice of one lemon. Refrigerate it for a few hours and then use it to massage your hands and nails. Rinse and pat your hands dry. Do this for a fortnight and you will notice how soft and supple your hands feel.

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