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Unresolved Pain Kills Toni Tones In Praiz’s Folashade (REVIEW)

Written by Law_Lee


Listening to a song with powerful lyrics is one thing, watching a video that interprets the lyrics in ways that is too deep it confuses the viewers in a good way is really impressive.

Praiz’s Folashade is a song of pain, betrayal and forgiveness that touches listeners to the core of their being, revealing a woman who has endured too much to bear no more.

The burden women bear can be so tiring; the fake hair, make up, trying to stay on fleek and sometimes all these efforts are done for a man who appreciates little or nothing of these things. All these we do to keep the man, but still he goes out looking for more or less than what you have, and it’s all too depressing… too depressing a burden for one to bear that baring all and giving up seem like a better option and that was all evident in Folashade (Toni Tones).

The sexy singer puts all her acting skills into play, interpreting the role effortlessly and making us see the real suffering women go through for love and after seeking for help and finding none, look for no other place than solace six feet under.

For Praiz, we could see a man who is sorry, a man who understands how his acts have changed his life and taken a life. This realization is just too late, and while we might want to see his presence in the church with Toni Tones as a ghost (which might be sort of a vengeance), we also know that the only dead person there is Folashade and his presence there was him saying, despite her hurt, she should see past it to see his presence which is always with her and his love which can never fade. But at that point, he is trying to reach out to a woman, already hurt and broken, who sees nothing but her hurt, and the next thing she seeks is how to end it, and that was the route she decided to take.

Listening to the song, the hook reminds you of Shontell’s Impossible and it is funny that at that similar tune, they are both singing about expression and lack of it.

The video is creative, artistic and well thought out. Although it really took time to get the message, Clarence Peters did a good job in the video and how realistic it all seemed.

After watching this video, if you don’t feel a thing move inside of you, or goosebumps, either to understand the man’s pains or the woman’s pain, then you need to visit a shrink. But if you haven’t seen the video, then voila! Watch it below;

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