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What You Need To Do To Stop Heart Disease

What You Need To Do To Stop Heart Disease

Despite continuing advancements in surgery, diagnostic techniques, and drugs, nearly 7 million people in the world die of heart disease each year. And that number keeps going up.

Recently, Google’s Life Sciences division, together with the American Heart Association, announced that it’s dropping a funding bomb into the battle, with the intent of abolishing heart disease once and for all.

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And how big is the explosion? $ 50 Million. All of which will go to one team of scientists in the hopes that they can come up with a cure. This is meant to be a game-changing investment that will propel research rapidly and eliminate a leading killer.

It’s wonderful that there is private sector support for continued innovation in heart care. And it’s likely that something positive will come from $ 50 million.

But Google doesn’t need to spend the money. Why? Because we already know how to cure this disease.

The data is consistent and voluminous: Heart disease can be prevented and reversed – yes, reversed – with a straightforward lifestyle approach. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that complete elimination of high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking would lead to a 50% reduction in deaths due to heart disease in adults aged 45 to 79. That’s a pretty big impact.


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