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1,Every morning always take lipton without sugar or milk.                         

 2, Don't eat anything fried eg fried meat, fish, chips, plantain, (fried egg) 
No No No . Etc But u can eat cook egg. U eat 1 egg per day 4 times in a week.                                

3,No fufu, semolina,eba. Except honey well wheat and amala. But its has to be 
little portion.               

4, Don't eat bread atall.                

5, Do not take any CAN DRINKS eg coke, fanta, spirit, matina, lacasera, star, 
gulder either bottle or CAN. Instead buy flavour water and drink.                                                                

6. NO rice for now. Instead of rice buy paster does small small macaroni.                                          

7,NO junk food. Eg chocolate, sweet,cake, ice cream. Dis things u can take them 
onces a week. Pls pls No chocolate at all.                     

8, NO alcohol drink while on diet. Don't forget. Alcohol make u gain weight. But 
onces in a while if u feel like drinking take jack daniels or dry gin. Remember 
afer breast feeding.                                 

9, Eat planty fruits as much as u can eat. I w suggest u eat fruits at night as 

10, Don't eat onces is pass 7pm. Always remember don't go to bed and sleep 
immediately after eating. Always wait for atleast 2hours bf going to bed.                         
Good luck.:). I know it might be difficult but as time goes on u get use to it.                                            
After u have gotten the perfect body u wanted. Start eating all normal food in 
little portion like 5year old Food. After 1 to 2 hour u hungry eat another meal 
little portion.  Don't forget ooooo No CAN drinks and Alcohol.  Thanks and Enjoy 
ur Diet.

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