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SideBar: Is Kiss Daniel Planning To Leave G-Worldwide?

Written by Law_Lee

SideBar: Is Kiss Daniel Planning To Leave G-Worldwide?

What’s up with Kiss Daniel and G-Worldwide? Rumour has it the Woju crooner is looking to part ways with the Emperor Geezy’s imprint.

…1 more year 😪 I can’t wait

The leash around the GWW artist is known to be short and tight; Vado (as he calls himself) isn’t allowed to publicise other artists’ work, checks on his Instagram account show only one non G-Worldwide post in seventy weeks, DJ Spinall x Olamide’s Gimme Luv. The episode of him not being able to state his age is still fresh in the mind of close watchers – he’d apparently not been sanctioned by GWW HQ to speak on the matter.


Industry insiders have long speculated on the GWW act’s allergy to features and or socialising. For an artist whose star shone as brightly as Kiss Daniel’s in the past two years, he still comes across as rather media shy. But is it deliberate? Is GWW giving homie the proverbial ‘babanla close-marking’?


One thing is set though; if rumours about Kiss Daniel wanting an exit are true, he’s boxed himself into a rather tight corner. He’s cultivated no allies in the industry, doesn’t mix with his peers on tracks nor is he seen at popular industry events. But this may not be voluntary though, and further digging revealed that trouble started at the filming of Woju Remix – Having seen the artistic freedom that Davido enjoyed at the time, Kiss Daniel, much to the chagrin of his boss, Emperor Geezy, asked for the same. Rumour has it, Geezy told him to ‘woju o’  and since then, there’s been a moratorium on non-GWW collaborations, with the artist appearing on stage only with East African acts on Coke Studio’s live sessions. Geezy is never far from his side, appearing as a tough, chaperone and general walker in several videos – the chances of Kiss Daniel hightailing it out of GWW’s close marking are very slim.

Will labels be ready for Daniel’s’s undoubted talent? Is he brave enough to step off? What will be the legal implications of such a break? If Daniel’s tweets are anything to go by, he apparently has one more year left under Geezy’s ubiquitous shadow. Yo, Vado, if you don’t want your record label owner all in your videos, come to…?

🚦Drop that new Kiss Daniel Jam without warning GWW 😏 I’m Done resting 😡 🚦

In all seriousness, it appears he’s unhappy. His media profile is low for an artist who had the most-searched-for song of 2016 as well chart toppers for three years running. He’d be wise to take his time though. It takes more than talent to sustain a run in the spotlight. These issues can be addressed in-house. That said, can we take a minute to ask Geezy to loosen up the kid?

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