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S3x With An Older Woman – What A Mature Woman Wants

Older women who love sex with younger guys are everywhere and all around you. It could be any older woman that you come across and she could be from any walk of life. She could be from your local supermarket working behind the cash register, she could be the accounts manager at your regional bank or even the local council member for your neighbourhood area. Equally, she could be the school-run mom and stay-at-home wife or even the teacher who teaches at the local nursery.

Any Older Woman Could Be A Mature Pervert Lover

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There’s no checklist that identifies an older woman who could be likely or willing to take on a younger male lover. But that only means that you shouldn’t discount any woman from being your next older babe sex partner. You should assume that every woman has the potential to become a mature lover for you.

Every mature woman I’ve ever been with has confided in me that the thought of being banged by a younger guy was an immense turn on! Many women fantasise about being taken by a younger guy. Other women are thrilled at the prospect of seducing a younger stud into her bed and in between her legs! Older women are aroused about the thought of sexually educating a novice young lover into sex games and intimate love play. She gets wet knowing that she has the power to turn on a younger guy. (Disclaimer: I asked 6 mature woman lovers and all confirmed the above.)

Mommy Sex Fantasy Taboo

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Controversially, some older women secretly harbour an Oedipus Complex (where the fellow marries his mother and has sex with her) and will imagine the younger guy as a substitute for a son. Personally, I can’t see any great problem in that sort of taboo sex play and I have happily played the role of the innocent son with many mature ladies that I was fortunate enough to be humping.

To be honest, when you’re an 18 year old youth, faced with a hot, sexy, horny 42-year old woman on all fours in front of you with her arse in the air, demanding that you penetrate her from behind whilst calling her ‘mom’, you don’t ponder the implications or the inferences. You don’t evaluate the social niceties. You just jump on to her arse as fast as you can shouting ‘Mommy’ at the top of your voice!

Just as if a short-sighted girl mistakes you for Elvis Presley, insisting that you are The King and that you bang her there and then; you don’t waste time to correct her mistake and politely set her straight. No, you do as she says and get on top of her while doing your best cover of Jailhouse Rock!

Older Women Love Cherry!

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There is something very dirty about a middle-aged, mature mom taking the virginity of a young man and setting him off on his sexual awakening. Eating the sexual cherry of a young stud is a fantasy that a lot of older women would love to make a reality. It turns her on to think about being the first woman who will take him into her mouth and taste his youthful seed. It makes her wet and horny to fantasise about him penetrating her vagina for his very first time and she imagines tightening her vaginal muscles around his member to hold him inside her. And, of course, she wants to be the first to feel him spray his warm juices inside her.

Older women are aroused by a younger lover’s stamina, strength and willingness to perform again and again for her. She is aroused by the fact that he will maintain a powerful erection and be able to recover his erection quickly and repeatedly after ejaculating all over her. She is extremely turned on to have so much psychological power over him. Don’t make a mistake, here, and think that she’s looking for a submissive male who she can master and subjugate. NO! On the contrary, she wants the man to have physical dominance over her, and have authority, but she wants to know that she controls and influences him; that she pulls the strings.


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