Seun Kuti disapproves of Burna Boy’s Felabration Performance

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Seun Kuti is not impressed about Burna Boy stripping down to his pants in tribute to late Afrobeat proponent, Fela Kuti at the Felabration carnival.

Taking to IG, here’s his full response according to AD to a fan who thought Burnaa Boy should get gratitude for the tribute. He (with the IG name: Shotsdboss wrote:

shotsdboss: @deesquire that’s not a tribute to my dad it’s a show. What’s my biz with it I made a comment on my dp cos some idiot said it was me. Is burna the first to do it. Watch ur mouth. Stupid is as stupid does remember and u don’t want to see me go stupid
shotsdboss: Make I regard say burna boy pay tribute to my dad? Fela has earned it. I don’t have to thank anyone just as I didn’t beg anyone to do it. Na by wearing pant dem dey pay tribute? What message did he pass on stage about culture and liberty? Talking to me about wearing pant! Any picture of Fela wearing pant was in our house. So if u wanna pay tribute to Michael Jackson u bleach ur skin and rape a lil boy while u at it. Stupid man

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