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Oil And Vinegar In Glass For Your Health

Oil And Vinegar In Glass For Your Health

Eating healthy is one thing, but finding and keeping fresh organic olive oil and vinegar is quite another. Managing our weight need not be done with mundane eating habits. We know fresh green salads can help. Thus, Oil and Vinegar has become a staple for many of us. Italian food, balsamic vinaigrettes, and even fabulous bread dipping recipes need the best oil and vinegar for great taste. So, after we find quality condiments, how do we keep them fresh yet properly presented on the table?

Dispensing Oil and Vinegar on the table has been cumbersome over the years. Many different styles of cruets have been made for just this one need. Proper storage of olive oil is necessary for the quality and taste to remain pristine and the nutritional benefits to remain intact.

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Over the centuries, oil and vinegar cruets have been made out of numerous materials. We now know the best containers for storing olive oil and vinegar are glass, ceramic, or porcelain. It is important to know plastic containers are not ideal for either condiment.

To keep fresh flavor longer, olive oil and aged vinegar should be stored in a cool place away from sunlight. The most optimum would be in a glass container. Oil or vinegar should not be stored in a plastic container because they may absorb PVC’s from the plastic.

Glass oil and vinegar cruets are exceptional gift items. They function as an optimal way to properly store your olive oil and vinegar, and are becoming increasingly popular.

Today, gourmet culinary utensils and products are sought after for practicality and novelty. A gourmet gift is usually one of value and quality, these being essential for the perfect gift idea. offers hand blown glass cruets from Europe that have glass within glass containers. One inner vessel holds the vinegar, and the outer vessel stores the olive oil. Each glass cruet has two pour spouts on the same oil and vinegar dispenser. The hand blown glass containers are elegant in style and offer a sophisticated way to offer oil and vinegar on the table, from the same decanter.

The Grape Cruet, which features a hand blown glass grape cluster vessel, inside a glass cylindrical body, is widely popular for gourmet kitchens. The grape cruet is about the diameter of a wine bottle and is easily used with one hand. You will see them more and more on fine dining tables of some of America’s best gourmet restaurants.


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