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How Too Much Coke May Be Shrinking Your Brain.

Written by Sumbo Bello

How Too Much Coke May Be Shrinking Your Brain.

It does sound ridiculous, doesn’t it? The idea that drinking that ice cold coke might be shrinking your brain is quite disturbing. However, according to researchers at Boston University, that is exactly the case.

The study, which was published April 2017 included 2,888 men and women, who linked sugary beverages—like sodas and fruit juices—to memory loss and reduced brain volume. This occurs particularly in the area of the brain that involves memory and learning.

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In a follow-up study, the same investigators discovered that folks who drink at least one diet (artificially sweetened) soda a day appear to have three times higher risk of having a stroke or developing dementia than those who don’t drink diet sodas.

There are some things in this study you should understand. Firstly, the investigators used soda consumption as a marker because it is quite easier to account for the amount of sugar or other sweetener consumed in a specific amount of soda than in an individual’s overall diet. So, the drinks are not necessarily the cause of the problems, but rather their sweeteners.

Secondly, as far as diet drinks are concerned, the researchers did not examine specific types of artificial sweeteners. Finally, the researchers acknowledge that further research is required to account for the fact that people with diabetes tend to drink more diet sodas than the general populace, considering the fact that diabetes in and of itself can increase the risk of dementia and other conditions linked to sugar.

A healthier choice, of course, is to develop a water habit. It does sound boring, doesn’t it? However, you can jazz it up with healthy add-ins such as crushed strawberries and a sprig of mint, a slice or two of cucumber, or a cube of watermelon or other fresh fruit to a tall glass of cold tap or carbonated water.

Better yet, you can just make naturally flavored water by the pitcher so you have it on hand in the fridge when you’re feeling thirsty.

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