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Letter To @WandeCoal & @donjazzy by @WoruleCool “Who is the Baby Face?


In the Entertainment industry today, no doubt some people have
registered there name in the ‘Book of Life’ they have become Veterans in
the industry, respected on every corner they go NOW!

Among such people is the CEO and Producer of Mavin records Michael
collins otherwise known as ‘Its Don jazzy again’. When Don jazzy left
England to come to Nigeria little did he know of how far he would
become, but he came and set up a Studio or maybe a Record Label in
Nigeria and within TWO years, he had two albums to his Credit!

Although, he faced his own Challenges, as he once said that they had
almost sold Mo hit to Storm records for One million if not because Obi
Asika was Dulling. Well they overcame those Challenges and became a
Household name in the industry, a name everyone reckons with now!

It so much became like if you love Dbanj, then sure u will Love Don
jazzy ( that man with the Walking stick Swag), Don jazzy really dealt
with the minds of people as at that time.

By 2006, they already had two albums to their Credit, they had
endorsement money flowing it, they were been paid well, then Suddenly
WANDE OJOSIPE came on board, but who the hell is he now? Did he come
from London too? Does he have the Swag like them?
Questions were rolling in!

From what I gather, Konga introduced Wande to the Mo hit as a DANCER,
but Don jazzy saw something more in him and decided to sign him in 2006
to the Label, Go back to the days of Why me, you will find Wande’s work
there- even on the Video!

If I should Quote Wande from One interview, He said ‘ and ever after
my Life Changed ‘ —- of course he was talking about the Mo hit
Signature on him!

Later after Jazzy decided to work on Wande, and by that time Mo hit
had become ‘Oga at the top’ in the industry! And so hit after hit Wande
Coal came Up!
Imagine hitting Us with that RnB Jam OLOLUFE— one of the best love
songs to be ever composed by a Nigeria singer (take it or Leave it)

Or Blessing Us with Bumper to Bumper which immediately became a
National anthem. (Every kid in the street could say bumper to bumper
conveniently better than they could say I love Jesus)

And also hits like Ten-Ten or Taboo, My God, Wande almost killed Us,
every Song he was dropping was an Hit, and don’t forget as always — its

Then something happened—- (see gbeborun, u want to know shey) Wande
Won Hedies award for Best rated act and was presented with a Car, mehn
you need to see how Wande was jumping up and down the Car, then it
became clear to me… Wande didn’t even have a Car until then— What
the hell happened to the Money he had been making since???? Bumper to
Bumper was a Anthem now!!!!!

Well, the Album dropped- Mushin to Mo hit and of course you know that
its One of the best(if not the best) Album to ever come out of Nigeria,
Every Single Song on the Album was a HIT!!!!!

So that’s how Wande became a Super Star and started touring the World,
he added more Quality to the Mo hit Syndrome, Don jazzy was more
respected by now!

In the Entertainment industry, you don’t know Mo hit, you don’t know

To Fastfoward Everything, other acts were signed and DON BABA J had to
work on them too, so Wande was been asked to step aside too, which was
normal- But the Step aside was too Long_ It took three years for him to
Comeback, and when he did, it was with 3 singles at a time!

Not long after, the Un-Expected happened, Dbanj and Don jazzy part
Ways!!!! WHAT THE HECK?? Little did they know that they turned the
entertainment industry into Two caucus:



With Solar plexus, Wande once more showed his loyalty to Don jazzy by
different hits on the Album, While Wande had to wait again, when Don
jazzy concentrated more on D prince and wrapped up an Album for him,
then came back to Wande, and registered some few hits and leaving to
work on Dr Sid’s album again,—-
It didn’t take long before I started feeling wouldn’t Wande get

To Cut the Story short Wande left MAVIN this year around May!, just
when Don jazzy had just finished his ROTATE single and Wande choose to
release it under his own imprint- #BLACK-DIAMOND ENTERTAINMENT!!!

If you will all remember BRYMO is facing the Wahala of his life with
Choc City right now!

But Wande left ‘Peacefully’ without Don causing wahala for him!
And Everything had been going on fine!!!!

NOT UNTIL WANDE COAL released a new single titled ‘ BABY face ‘.
Sincerely when I heard it I commended him and Danced a lil bit ( I don’t
know how to Dance) SUDDENLY– just like Dbanj’s Song

Don jazzy started tweeting about something stealing from him, and
further more tweeted Wande -Coal to do the Right Thing!
I was Wondering what was up, when suddenly Mavin records released DON
jazzy’s version of BABY face! ( I quickly listened) I saw plain that Don
jazzy was doing a freestyle, WC was serious!!!

It became messier: TWITTER went a buzz, Wande coal replied him
accusing him of not wanting his progress and saying he server him for 10
years!10 years????

This is the part I don’t understand, is it that I don’t know MATH or
what, Don-Jazzy signed Wande 2006! Mo hit wasn’t even established until
2004, where is the 10 years now????

Was it out of Frustration that WC didn’t know what he was typing or
just wanted to attract pity to himself???

And What does he mean by ‘Served’— they were business partners, not
like a Car washer or Something!

Well…. Don jazzy replied again,saying ‘He is glad WC realises there
is God now, and if he didn’t want his progress, he wouldn’t allow him to
go like that, he could cut him down with ONE call

Well, sincerely I don’t know how many calls it took to bring down
BRYMO, but with the calibre of people that respect DON Jazzy around, am
telling you, One CALL can do that thing!

Don’t let us forget our main Discretion here: Does Wande think he can
just do the song and because Don jazzy is happy with his progress, he
should just leave him alone???

And should someone of the calibre of WC why should he have stole the
song: Was he just looking for trouble? Was he trying to drag Don jazzy
to something???

Those Questions I can’t answer!
But I know something for sure: Since the Last tweet on from Don jazzy
is ‘All I ask for is give me my Credit’
What’s annoying Jazzy is that WC hasn’t come out to say the song was
for Jazzy and maybe salute him or something! If he does that, it might
save a lot of things!!
By WoruleCool

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