Leki + Sa’Shay Gaan – I’m Ready

Leki and Sa’Shay Gaan gets down on the same love song for the first time. Guess what they decided to do on this one? At first look at their recent pictures, one may conclude that the duo are not the romantic type, but if you have listened to their latest hits (Leki – My Share, Sa’Shay – Boombastic), you no doubt agree that both acts are one of the best “Toasters” in the Music Industry at the moment.This new song – ”
I’m Ready” portrays them trying to pick up a Lady they may have dump off earlier on for their new catches. Both artistes show off their apologetic side of their love life in a romantic and touching manner. You surely going to enjoy the outcome of a fun packed studio session both artistes had. It’s Sa’Shay on the Beat once again and
Danny P on the deck as well. 


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