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Ladies, 4 Foods You Should Avoid If You Are Over 50

Because of hormone imbalance due to the onset of menopause, some breakfast foods that you use to get away with eating when you were younger, are now forcing your body to store stubborn belly fat. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading.


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The packaging claims on many breakfast cereals are that they are “High in Fiber”, contain “Added Nutrients”, are “Low in Fat” I even saw one that said “Clinically Shown to Improve Attentiveness by nearly 20%”.

That’s because they are high in sugar and other added chemicals. Packaged breakfast cereals are the WORST possible food to eat for breakfast. Starting your day with processed food that is high in sugar will set you up for a blood sugar crash later in the day. This will lead you to make ANOTHER bad food choice because you feel like you’re starving and you crave something that’s sweet or a meal that’s high in refined carbohydrates.


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Orange Juice and other fruit juices are considered to be healthy drinks. They are definitely better than soda or diet soda… right? But think about it, how many apples would you have to eat to get the same amount of juice that is in an 8 oz. glass of apple juice? You would have to eat at least 3 large apples. But you would never eat 3 apples in one sitting, would you? Not unless you wanted to deal with a massive stomach ache… not to mention the fact that a whopping 97% of the calories in apple juice are from carbs. Only 1% is from dietary fiber.

Instead of drinking a glass of fruit juice, opt for the whole or cut up fruit instead. You will not only benefit from the act of chewing the fruit (yes, you will burn a few calories) but you will benefit from the fiber too. Dietary fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, may lower your risk of heart disease, and helps to reduce constipation and diverticulitis.


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