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Healthy Foods That Are Common Sources Of Hidden Sugar

Healthy Foods That Are Common Sources Of Hidden Sugar

It’s definitely not news that sugar is bad for you. But even if you’re cutting back on your favorite sweet snacks like candy bars, gummy bears or cookies, you’re likely getting in more sugar than needed through other surprising sources.

As Health explains in this video, many “healthy” foods can be packed full of sugar. The most surprising? Whole grain bread, which is commonly touted as being heart-healthy, but can sometimes be loaded with this sneaky substance. When buying bread, Woman’s Day says that the first ingredient should always be whole wheat flour. And while some sugar is necessary to activate the yeast, according to the magazine, some brands use an excessive amount or include other sweeteners

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Salad is obviously healthy, but that dressing you’re dousing it in probably isn’t. Many store-bought dressings have sugar added to make them, and your salad, yummier. Lower-fat versions are often a bigger culprit than full-fat varieties. Of course, making your own salad dressing at home is optimal, and a heart-healthy one with olive oil and vinegar can be whipped up in minutes. To get even more nutrients, add blended berries for a natural sweetener.

Protein-packed Greek yogurt is a healthy, filling snack, but those fruity flavored yogurts are not. Purchase plain yogurt and add your own toppings like fruit, nuts, dark chocolate or unsweetened coconut flakes.

Tomato sauces are filled with lycopene, but many pasta sauces and ketchup have added sugar. Though, that doesn’t mean you should stop eating these! Lycopene may lower your risk of cancer and heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. As with the other suggestions, making your own spaghetti sauce with plain crushed tomatoes is a smarter, healthier and probably tastier alternative.


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