Nigerian-Canadian recording artist Fuge 5 is back with another banger! “Okosisi”, which takes its name from an Igbo title meaning “Great Tree” usually reserved for outstanding people, is a mixture of hip-hop, afrobeat and highlife that will be sure to heat up dance-floors across Nigeria this Christmas season and beyond. The track is co-produced by Humphreylee and Mr.Mazi who also sings the *hook of Igbo proverbs and plays a keyboard solo that is reminiscent of Fela Kuti. They took palm-wine music and upgraded it to champagne music. The highlight of the song still remains Fuge-5 who effortlessly wraps his braggadocios rhymes around the bouncy beat while playing all of the percussion instruments LIVE on the track from the “ogene” to the bongo drums. By the time the second verse is over, the song has now turned into a jam session with Mr. Mazi and Fuge-5 having fun in the studio ad-libbing and improvising over the beat. This is not just a Fuge-5 song, it is a Fuge-5 show. Binie! Get up!


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