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SCOOPNAIJA.COM is the premiere and most friendly visited online platform that delivers Latest new Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music, videos ,Movie trailers, News and Interviews content daily to Nigerians by exposing remarkable artiste with a good materials to the world in general.

SCOOPNAIJA.COM is the only promotional and marketing online platform that promotes MOVIE TRAILERS as Nigeria is concern.

SCOOPNAIJA.COM was formed in 2012 and has steadily grown into one of the most visited sites within the Nigerian communities online. We believe in making the a new union with our spread and reach, we serves every content hot and scoop not a false news as we are directly doing our research before putting up any news outside.

SCOOPNAIJA.COM offers a platform where Nigerian Music lovers around the world can access, listen, stream and download a right released single from the true source to their fans as we are not supporting the sharing of any non-right giving content of any artiste to anyone either in other to have traffic or followers on our platform.

SCOOPNAIJA.COM is not just an online platform that gives you download but a trusted online platform that will serves you to the right client table through our marketing and also through our PR team we have mounted to keep talking about our company.

SCOOPNAIJA.COM brings a segment called ScoopBox to bring a live next rated artiste interview in the industry on the eyes of the fans and our followers. This segment is including Next rated artiste/producers/DJ/Graphics designer/Icon in the entrepreneur industry/Presenter/models

SCOOPNAIJA.COM our reached has no statistic as we have no limit in promoting our content.



Tell: +2347089654307, +2348103635215

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