Amateur Female Footballers Take over Football as Dribble Season 2 Heats Up Come September 28th!!

Written by Kolawole


Thousands of youths will come together in what is fast becoming a Trend in Nigeria’s football History on the 28th of September 2013 at Campus Square Lagos Island.

Dribble which is powered by the G.O.A.L Initiative is a football tournament that consists of 8 Female teams competing for the 1st position. There would be a Female Celebrity team Match with likes of Actress Omoni Oboli, Yemi Alade, DonaDiva, CocoIce, Sagalee and more along with the Winners of the tournament to create awareness about the scourge of Breast Cancer and the advantage of early detection which is our main GOAL “Kick Against Breast Cancer”. Dj Xclusive, Skuki, Ketchup, Chuddyk, GeneralPype, JJC, Phenom and Yokie will be the Celebrity Coaches to Lead the 8 Teams .

The Maria Omoladun Cancer Initiative is an NGO who have for several years, created awareness against all cancer related diseases. They would be incharge of the Breast Cancer Awareness Programme at the event.

We urge you then, to come out and celebrate Survivors of Breast Cancer and participate in the free Breast Cancer Screening which will be available at the Event’s Venue.

Ticket Cost 1000 Naira Only!!!


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