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5 Things To Know About Olamide + What Happened With Coded Tunes

Written by Law_Lee

5 Things To Know About Olamide + What Happened With Coded Tunes

Nigerian hip hop artiste,  Olamide, turns a year older today and the Internet is celebrating him as best as they can.

Most of us know who the singer/rapper is but we believe there are some things you probably don’t know about him, so here are they;

1. He believes in hardwork. Olamide in the series of interviews we have seen him appear on different media houses, if there’s one consistent gospel he preaches, it is hard work.  But while he preaches hardwork,  he also emphasises on working smart,  afterall it’s thesame sun that shines in Malaysia that shines in Naija  (watch the interview below to understand)

2. His ideology on failure is worth emulating. According to Olamide,  everything he has gone through,  his failures and success stories were necessary for him to be this great person he is. Olamide revealed that every challenges he faced are challenges an artiste is meant to face while rising to stardom… nice way to see things.

3. For those of you wondering what went down between Olamide and Coded Tunes, well here’s the answer he gave us… NOTHING. NOTHING happened between Baddosneh and Coded Tunes.  Olamide simply grew up, graduated and moved on from Coded Tunes, which according to him was the whole essence of signing him. He revealed that Coded Tunes signed him not to slave him, but to groom him to greatness and let him go when he can do it on his own and that is what he’s trying to do with YBNL.

4. YBNL is not a proper record label to Olamide. Atleast the label is not on international standards where Olamide is concerned, but if there’s one thing he is sure of, it’s the fact that YBNL is a platform where the voices of talented upcoming artiste are heard. The boss of the label revealed that he doesn’t want the job of helping everyone to be rested on his shoulder, rather he wants to help a selected few and that selected few will in turn help others and that way the ministry will grow better… we think that is a nice way to help the society and its bundle of talents.

5. Finally,  Olamide has nothing but music. He has no side “hustul”.  For those of you wondering why Olamide is releasing singles back to back, well the “iya la iya anybody” crooner recently revealed to us that he has nothing other than his music, and once he write and records a song and considers it good enough or sees it as something people will turn up to, he’ll drop the track like it’s hot so you can rock till the break of dawn.

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