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4 Habits of Weight Loss Winners You Should Know

4 Habits of Weight Loss Winners You Should Know

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and the Global HEALTHY WEIGHT Registry (GHWR) have been tracking the habits of people who’ve lost weight and were able to keep it off, as well as adults who have always been thin. Based on the insights from these two groups, here are four common habits of those who get—and stay – thin:

1. They Eat Breakfast.

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Nine out of ten lean adults in the GHWR report and 78% of successful dieters in the NWCR start with a morning meal. Eating breakfast helps control appetite and cravings all morning long, and those who eat breakfast generally consume fewer calories throughout the day. Want a perfect meal to kick start your day? Try oatmeal topped with slivered almonds or walnuts.

A recent study published in Nutrition Research found that that adults who ate oatmeal weighed less, and had less BODY FAT and smaller waistlines, compared to those who didn’t eat oatmeal. Their diets were also higher in 11 essential nutrients and lower in unhealthy saturated fat.

2. They Get on the Scale…Often!

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Are you afraid of weighing in? According to the data, making friends with your scale can be one of the keys to weight loss success. In fact 75% of NWCR registrants step on the scale at least once a week, which enables them to take action as soon as they notice an uptick in the numbers. Other studies also highlight the benefits of monitoring your weight: Results from a recent clinical trial showed that people who weighed themselves at least five days per week lost about three times as much—an average of 20 pounds in six months!—compared to those who weighed in less frequently. One caveat to stepping on the scale: if you suffer from an eating disorder or very slight fluctuations in weight send you into an emotional tailspin, check with your doctor or therapist first. Otherwise, step up and watch the weight come down!


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