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3 Tips to Treat Symptoms of Cold, Help You Recover Faster

3 Tips to Treat Symptoms of Cold, Help You Recover Faster

Colds are a nuisance, and can make you feel dreadfully sick, but there’s not much you can do about it — or is there? Here are some cold treatments that may help you get back on your feet a bit faster.

  1. Stay Healthy

According to The Mayo Clinic, there is no specific treatment for the virus that causes a cold, but there are ways to treat the nasty symptoms associated with the virus.

The site reported that one of the most effective ways to reduce cold symptoms is to ensure you maintain peak health in other ways, such as getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

  1. Treat Symptoms

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Most colds are characterized by sore throats and stuffy noses, and while you can’t beat the source of these ailments, you can soothe their discomfort. Throat lozenges contain a variety of ingredients, ranging from menthol and peppermint oil, to honey and lemon. According to The Health Site, these ingredients, when mixed with saliva, can help to coat the throat and reduce soreness and dryness.

Menthol is particularly good at treating not only throat soreness but also the congestion also commonly associated with a cold.  For a natural way to soothe a sore throat, try gargling with saltwater, or sucking on ice chips.


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