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Am of the school of thoughts that not all heartbreak songs should be rendered in
a very slow and sleepy tune. And Charras has just proved me right. The very
first time I saw the video to this song #GBEGE, I acted like I dint see it. I
allowed it passed and just switched over to another station. 10minutes later,
the video popped up again and I decided to listen to the lyrics of the song (
the only thing that catches my attention about songs). The perfect blend of igbo
and pidgin was so smooth that I sort the help of a friend to translate what he
was actually saying. My favourite line which is *u don see where water enter
Nnkata* (basket) is something we all can always relate with over and over again.
Instantly I fell in love with the song because its something different fron
others. Though the concluding part of the video was a lil bit confusing because
judging from the song, he was saying *Oga E Mezi* (not again wud it haPpen) he
wanted the girl out of his life. She was leaving and then it appeared he was
trying to persuade her again to stay. *hard to let go of that special someone
most times*. But in all, GBEG is one song by Charass that you must listen to. I
had a chat with him and hey he just got a nomination for *best video by a new
act* In the forth coming NMVA 2013 awards.

10 miutes with CHARASS by Edward Fortune…..

For Victor Chinedu Onyewuchi a.k.a CHARASS, his musical journey can be traced
back to his days in secondary school (F.C.S) wherehe was awarded the best artist
at that time..

He joined a group in JOS known as BEST-TEAM after graduating from secondary
school when his struggles to gain admission into the higher institution were to
no avail. His zeal and passion for music caught the attention of “Patrick Edgar
Obi” who is the CEO of MATURE MONEY MIND RECORDS (MMMR) and also the younger
brother to Chelsea and Nigeria National team Footballer “JOHN MIKEL OBI who
offered him a record deal which he gladly accepted and recorded a song titled
“MMM Anthem” alongside other label mates. The song was produced by SamKlef and
video was Shot by CLARENCE PETER as a preparation to his 1st Official Single
Titled GBEGE which was produced by award winning producer TY MIX and a follow up
video shot by SQUAREBALL films. (A young and creative director) which got a
nomination in the forth coming NMVA 2013 awards for “BEST VIDEO BY A NEW ACT ”
is getting good rotation both on International TV and Local Stations.

Music gives him hope and he’s not letting the dream die..

E.F. Why d name *Charass*?

CHARASS: the name CHARASS is basically a nickname I got from the word harass.
People tell me them that *guy Ʊ dey harass me with this your song oo* positively
though and I just made the name stick cause all I want to do is make positive
impacts and sing songs that people can relate with.

E.F: Your debut song *Gbege*. What’s d story behind it?

CHARASS: Its all about cheating girlfriends, and heart breaks. The kind of
things we all go through most times in a relationship and the lessons we tend to
learn from them and make sure we don’t fall inside the same pit all over again!

E.F: As an upcoming act, how friendly has the industry been so far?

CHARASS: Well, I must confess its been wonderful and amazing we young and we
getting it. So far, God has been faithful and we just getting started.

E.F: What differentiates you from other artist?

CHARASS:The fact that my name is Victor Chinedu Onyewuchi a.k.a CHARASS
(laughs) is basically one major thing. Am simply me, Unique and conspicuous.

E.F: Signed under MMMR, what’s d most challenging aspect of such
CHARASS: Woooow! To whom much is given, much is expected. My Label expects so
much from me and each day I wake up, I tell myself I can’t afford to fail. MMM3
is a label that’s got a whole bunch of talents and believe me, everyone is
unique. For me,one major challenge is never to be left behind. I want to always
be at the fore front with good contents and great delivery..

E.F: Describe your acceptance by music lovers so far!
CHARASS: The truth is its been so overwhelming. Its been so awesome and I owe it
all to God, my management and the fans for accepting good music. Even to you
Fortune for this interview. Trust me, its been mind blowing and its beyond

E.F: you just got a nomination in the forth coming NMVA 2013, how does it feel?

CHARASS:of a truth, I feel so blessed and humbled. Its not by my power neither
am I the best,I just believe God has made this possible and I deeply appreciate
God for how far He’s taken me.the nomination just proves that hard work pays and
I don’t intend to relent at this stage. Its a stepping stone to higher grounds
for me. Am blessed!

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