10 minutes with Yemi Alade by Edward Fortune

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#10 minutes with Yemi Alade by Edward fortune

#Ghen Ghen…when film don reach action part….na etin e go everly dey hear be
that…and when love is means water don pass garri be that
ooo…which ever ay, it might be for good (strong love)or the other way round
(fake love). No doubt she’g got the looks of a goddess and the voice of an
angel…. The perfect definition to what God meant when he said “I have created
all things beautiful”… She basically caught my attention and that of good
music lovers with her very first official single..#efimisile all thanks to the
smooth rendation she gave and actually got couple of peepz asking #who be dis
one again ooo.. Efimisile is a song written and produced by ace music producer
and song writer Eldee da don and you kno when it comes to perfection.. Trust
Eldee to deliver…. Small but mighty is how I like to describe her and she
perfectly knos why… I had a close up chat (something away from the usual chat
we alwaiz have daily) and this was what I could squeeze out from this DIVA..

10 minutes with Yemi Alade by Edward fortune

E.F: Describe your journey to the top.

Yemi Alade: Its been eventful, full of up and downs but everyday takes me closer
to my dreams. From winning peak talent show 4yrs ago to becoming an ambassador
of Peak Milk! its been grace to grace for me.

E.F: So many singles and yet no album… Why??

Yemi Alade: My album should be worth waiting for. So far, the demand has been
enormous and one thing that’s sure is that Effyzzie will definitely release my
album within the next 5months.

E.F: Who exactly is Yemi Alade?

Yemi Alade: I’m a female nigerian Afro pop n Rnb artiste with the voice of an
orchestra, the strength of an army, beauty of a goddess and the perfect example
of an african woman aka Brown Barbie! I am signed to effyzzieMusicGroup

E.F: What’s been the most disappointing moment in your career and rise to fame?

Yemi Alade: It was quite disappointing when I realized that my former management
was backbiting me. My rise to fame moment started from winning peak talent show
to where I am now….#gratefulheart

E.f: Your duet with DIPP.. You were so #clears throat* was It just
professionalism in play or there’s more?

Yemi Alade: (Laughs loud) Pure Professionalism. We just connect in that song and
we needed to visualize what the lyrics was all about..

E.F: What stands you out from other Female celebs???

Yemi Alade: Lol! I’m the only Yemi Alade, there is only 1…..thats me. GBIM!

E.F: 24hrs rewind.. What would you do differently??

Yemi Alade: Hmmm! 24hrs ago…I was at the ozone lounge getting ready to host
the premiere of Thor2(the movie) and the after party later on,.I realized I was
starving and I placed an order for a plate of fried rice with moimoi, salad and
two pieces of chicken. When the food arrived, a friend of mine arrived too and I
offered her a piece of chicken and now I’m lying in my bed, extremely hungry
after 9hrs of Work. If I could do it differently ,”I For no give am my chicken”!

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